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No plan survives first contact with the enemy.” Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke

Crisis Communications Services

Crisis communications planning, training and management to protect your reputation

Stuart Bruce Associates provides a full range of crisis communications services.

Crisis communications plan training

Crisis planning

Crisis communications planning is the insurance policy for your hard won reputation. SBA’s consultants can create your new plan or help you review and update your existing plan to make it fit for the future. SBA helps you identify and mitigate reputational risks and plan for the most likely and the worst of the worst scenarios.

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Crisis training

No plan survives first contact with the enemy is why crisis communications training is essential. SBA’s consultants ensure your crisis communications team understands the principles and practice of effective crisis management from planning and preparation to handling it and recovery.

Crisis communications media scrum

Crisis management

When the issue explodes and the crisis starts, you need experts by your side to provide guidance and support. SBA’s consultants and associates in the UK and around the world provide confidential expert advice whatever the issue or challenge. We help with the media, social media, employees and all aspects of protecting your reputation.

Online reputation management

Digital and social media

Today, the front line of attack and defence in most crises is social media. SBA has unrivalled expertise in online reputation management and has been doing ‘digital PR’ since the mid-90s when the internet first emerged. From Twitter to TikTok and Facebook to Google we can help.

Radio interview

Media training

We work with experienced journalists to prepare your spokespeople for every aspect of challenging media interviews. Our team has prepared senior politicians for BBC Newsnight interviews, CEOs for doorstep ambushes by hostile journalists, and frontline managers for on-site interviews.

Crisis communications

Crisis simulations

Our crisis simulations range from simple table-top exercises that are accesible to clients on limited budgets, through to life-like simulations using social media simulators in a safe environment. We can also provide full simulations with news conferences and TV crews.

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