Labour's Deputy Leader Angela Rayner.

Lobbying is essential to a healthy democracy. It helps politicians and civil servants to make more informed decisions about legislation and regulation. At all times it must be conducted ethically to ensure it always enhances the public interest.” Stuart Bruce Chart.PR FCIPR MPRCA, Founder and CEO of SBA.


Our public affairs team can guide and support you to understand and engage with government at all levels.

Stuart Bruce Associates supports businesses and organisations to understand public policy and to engage with decision makers in national, regional and local government. As a UK General Election looms, it has never been so important for senior leadership teams to stay on top of socio-economic and political issues. We can be your eyes and ears to provide invaluable insight and analysis.

We live in uncertain times so SBA provides clients with insight and intelligence on emerging public policy issues. We don’t just engage with politicians and civil servants, but with public policy and political think tanks and political party activists who influence the shape of future policy.

We work with businesses and charities to provide horizon scanning on emerging public policy issues and trends.

Our stakeholder engagement team helps you to engage with political and community stakeholders at all levels.

We can support you and your team:

  • Horizon scanning and insight – monitoring the media, social media, speeches, research reports and more to identify emerging issues which provide opportunities or threats to our clients.
  • Political party conferences – organising fringe events or exhibition stands, attendance and networking at key events, monitoring and analysis main floor proceedings and fringe events.
  • Grassroots campaigns – planning and running campaigns to target the people that influence politicians and decision makers.
  • Events and networking – organising networking events with senior politicians and stakeholders.
  • Media campaigns – using mainstream media relations and social media to highlight key issues and ensure they are on the agenda of senior politicians and decision makers.
  • Parliament and APPGs – our team can advise on all aspects of the UK Parliament from events and meetings to APPGs and committees. Our regions and nations team can provide support in English regions and the devolved nations.

We have particularly extensive experience of working with the Labour Party and our Labour Business Advisory Team has in-depth understanding of Sir Keir Starmer’s five missions which will provide the backbone of Labour’s General Election manifesto.

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