Stuart Bruce Associates works with both PR agencies and in-house communication teams to help them develop modern and effective communications measurement and evaluation systems.

We help you to develop measurement systems that improve the effectiveness of your public relations activity and help you to deliver demonstrable business value.

We have extensive experience and expertise in using the Integrated Evaluation Framework developed by the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications’ (AMEC). The framework is used by many of the world’s leading PR agencies, corporations and governments.

We help you to develop practical measurement systems that comply with AMEC’s Barcelona Principles 2.0, which are the overarching principles for global best practice in the measurement and evaluation of communications.

Our measurement and evaluation practice is led by Stuart Bruce who is one of just seven international fellows of the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications and chaired the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ (CIPR) Measurement Best Practice group. He also delivers the CIPR’s own two-day measurement and evaluation training workshop.

AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework seven panels


Audit of current measurement and evaluation systems and processes.


Consultancy to help you develop new measurement and evaluation systems that comply with the Barcelona Principles 3.0 for international best practice.


Training and mentoring to use AMEC’s Integrated Evaluation Framework for in-house and PR agency teams.


One or two-day measurement and evaluation masterclasses.
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