We provide customised training designed specifically around the needs of your executives, company or organisation. Courses are designed and delivered by our principal Stuart Bruce, who where necessary can be supported by experts in search, online video and other specialists. Please take a look at our current training course brochure to see the range of courses available.

Digital Corporate PR and Social Media Training



Online PR ‘driving licence’

Comprehensive communications competencies course covering all the fundamental digital PR skills that a modern public relations practitioner needs. Covers all of the main social media and social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as blogs, podcasting, photo sharing, social sharing and bookmarking and live video streaming. It also looks at the basics of modern media relations including pitching online media and blogs, social media news releases and social media newsrooms.

Online communications strategy

Learn how to integrate online PR and social media into your corporate communications strategy including: how to set objectives; identify audiences, influencers and stakeholders; select and use the most appropriate social media tools and platforms; develop messages in the right tone and style; how to assign resources; how to develop strategies for multiple countries and brands; how to measure, evaluate and report success.

Online communications management

If you’ve already mastered the fundamentals of online PR and social media this course covers the day-to-day business of managing it for your organisation. It looks at the tools—both free and paid for—and helps you to choose the best ones for you. It also looks at the best online tactics you can use to ensure that your online communications strategy is successful. Learn how to build and engage communities, create buzz and ensure your tactics contribute to achieving your business objectives.

Modern media relations

Learn how to use internet search to track and set the news agenda, develop and maintain media contacts via social media, pitch journalists and bloggers via social networks, create and use social media news releases and social media newsrooms.

Executive visibility and thought leadership

Learn how senior c-suite executives and directors can optimise their social media profiles and activity to improve their visibility, reputation and thought leadership. Learn which social networks to use, how to build contacts, which tasks can be delegated (and which can’t!), the best tone of voice to use and how to make the most effective use of valuable time.

Online crisis communications

Discover how you can potentially prevent an issue becoming an online crisis. Learn how to prepare and develop online crisis communications plans; set-up real-time monitoring and early warning systems; track activists, campaigners and NGOs; how to set-up online crisis communications hubs; how to do search engine optimisation in a crisis; how to develop real-time messaging and response systems.

Digital public affairs

Learn how social media and online PR can be used as an essential part of your public affairs strategy. Learn how to identify, monitor and improve relations with online influencers—and how to engage with powerful traditional influencers online. Discover how to use search to drive policy makers and stakeholders to you. Learn how to create compelling, persuasive content that people will want to share.



All training is customised to the specific needs of the trainees. This means it can be provided to trainees with different levels of skills and knowledge.

Theory and practical workshops

We never use ‘talk and chalk’ teaching and every course includes practical workshops and exercises to develop online communications strategic thinking and practical skills.

The courses are designed to be active, stimulating, inspiring and above all practical so you leave having learnt enough to make a real difference to how you do your job.

One day or a package

Each course can be completed in one day or we can provide a combination of one day courses and individual modules into a package of one to five days.

Courses can be delivered anywhere in the world, either on your premises or at executive training facilities in central London or most countries and cities convenient for you.

Access to course materials

Every delegate receives access to all of the course materials via a secure online system.

Private or open courses

Training can be delivered either as private courses with just delegates from your company or as an open course with delegates from more than one company. To ensure that every delegate receives personal attention courses are restricted to eight delegates per session.

Private courses can be delivered at dates and times to suit your delegates. Open courses are scheduled to run occasionally throughout the year.

Corporate communications focused

These courses have been developed over several years to focus specifically on the needs of corporate communications, public relations and public affairs professionals. They are not just standard social media classes designed to teach you about different social networks, but actually focus on what is relevant to professional public relations practitioners.


The internet, social media and social networks are inherently global and require an understanding of how it works at an international, regional and local level. Stuart Bruce share his experience and expertise in developing and delivering global and local country strategies around the world for many of the world’s leading companies and organisations.


We create custom content and scenarios based around your business and sector, combined with best practice that can be transferred from competitors, peers and other industry sectors.


Unlike standard training courses we can provide an on-going personal mentoring service by phone, email and face-to-face to ensure that new skills are used and improved, rather than forgotten.


In our private training sessions you can share sensitive company information in complete privacy, ensuring that the training is focused on the issues that matter to you most.


Custom training can be integrated into your existing corporate communication processes to ensure it fits within your corporate communications strategy.


Customised training courses are tailored around your needs and can be run for multiple members of your team so you don’t need to invest in lots of separate courses to cover all the skills you need.


Save time and money on travel as we can provide training at a place of your choice anywhere in the world. We can also provide executive training facilities in central London.