Online PR training and consultancy services

Stuart Bruce is recognised as one of Europe’s leading practitioners in integrating online PR and social media into corporate communications, public relations and public affairs strategies. He is available for a wide range of digital PR, , online public affairs, social media and online corporate communications services including:

Online PR training and mentoring – a range of on-site online PR and social media training programmes for both communications professionals and c-suite/board level executives that can be supported with on-going mentoring. Some modules can also be delivered as online training and webinars.

Digital Communications strategy and planning – providing high-level counsel to ensure that digital PR and social media is integrated into existing communications and public affairs strategy to minimise reputational risk and ensure it achieves measurable objectives that provide real business and organisational benefits.

Digital public affairs – utilising new social media and online PR techniques to support public affairs and lobbying including intelligence and early warning, policy development and research, stakeholder outreach,influencer relations and advocacy campaigns.

Social media policies– extensive expertise in developing and implementing global and UK social media policies, both for wider company use and more detailed guidelines and training for in-house and agency PR and marketing professionals.

Online crisis communications and issues management –handling both crisies that start online and and can become mainstream, as well as online aspects of traditional crisis communications.

Modern media relations – helping media relations professionals to adapt new practices and techniques in order to work more effectively with the modern online media world including online properties of traditional print and broadcast media, professionally published blogs and citizen journalist blogs.

Conference speaking and presentations – UK and international conference and seminar speaker on all aspects of online communications for professional conference organisers, professional associations and corporate events.

Online and social media audits – directing global, EMEA and UK focused communications audits to ‘shrink’ the internet by identifying the most relevant issues, web sites and influencers; coupled with comprehensive audit of all relevant online activity and assets.

PR agency reviews – working with in-house PR and corporate communications heads to assess the online PR and social media capacity of existing and potential PR agencies, then working jointly with both to ensure that digital PR and social media strategy and activity is aligned with more traditional public relations strategy and tactics.